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    Stickers are a versatile marketing and promotional tool! A sticker with your logo on it can be an invaluable tool for promoting your business. They are an effective and efficient tool because you can stick it onto any flat surface. Stick it on packaging, promotional materials, and products – or go tactical, and stick them everywhere!

    We also do short print runs, so you can try out as many different ideas and time-specific sticker ideas as you like .

    At Graphic Direction we, can customise your sticker in any shape and size. We can also help you design stickers to help promote your brand as we have our own in house graphic designers. All our stickers are printed on quality matte or UV high gloss adhesive stocks. These are available in both standard and custom sizes, and you can choose between roll or cut-to-size.

    At Graphic Direction, we also have our own installation team and we can provide a seamless service from design, print and installing the stickers. We specialise in elevator/lift stickers installation. escalator installation, window and door sticker installation, floor sticker installation and many other outdoor sticker installations.

    Give us a call or write in for a no obligations quotation.

    Social Distancing sticker

    Safe Distancing stickers

    ♦  Helps businesses and organizations adhere to social distancing practices
    ♦  Can be easily installed without the help of external installers 

    gloss paper

    Gloss Paper Stickers

    ♦  Fast Printing
    ♦  Simple and Slick
    ♦  Budget Friendly Price
    ♦  As Promotional Material

    sticker sheets

    Sticker Sheets

    ♦  Multiple Stickers on one sheet
    ♦  Made of vinyl material
    ♦  Choice of glossy and no shine

    stickers label

    Sticker Label

    ♦  Product Labels
    ♦  Blank Labels
    ♦  Thermal Labels
    ♦  Labels in running serial numbers

    embossed stickers

    Embossed Stickers

    ♦  Gold or Silver Foil Paper Material
    ♦  Indoor use
    ♦  For Certificates, Promotions,
    Wedding Invitations and Extra special events

    transparent stickers

    Transparent Stickers

    ♦  Made of vinyl material
    ♦  Waterproof
    ♦  Easy to remove, leaving no messy residue
    ♦  To stand out the background surface

    vinyl stickers

    Standard Vinyl Stickers

    ♦  Water Resistant
    ♦  Polypropylene material
    ♦  Matte and Glossy finishes
    ♦  Best for Indoor use

    pvc stickers

    PVC Stickers

    ♦  Synthetic Resin (plastic) materials
    ♦  Thicker, Stronger and UV Resistant
    ♦  Ideal for Outdoor use
    ♦  Much Durable

    die cut sticker

    Die Cut Stickers

    ♦  Cut precisely to your design
    ♦  Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate
    ♦  Precisely cut to the shape of your design

    outdoor stickers

    Outdoor Stickers

    ♦  Waterproof & Weather proof
    Vinyl Material
    ♦  100% UV Protection Clear Gloss
    ♦  Last for a long time

    perforated stickers

    Perforated stickers

    ♦  Ideal use for glass panels, bus window, etc
    ♦  This sticker provided semi coverage to your glass panel.
    ♦  No lamination needed. Not ideal for small text.

    floor sticker

    Floor Stickers

    ♦  A great way to catch the attention of passer-by with your Floor graphic advertisement
    ♦  Comes with non-slip lamination

    super clear sticker

    Super Clear Transparent Stickers

    ♦  This transparent stick is so clear that you will not see the adhesive mark when it is paste on the glass window.
    ♦  Selective area opaque can enhance your design.

    bubble free sticker

    Bubble Free Stickers

    ♦  Great for self-installation, with it special made of the sticker, it will not trap bubble during installation.
    ♦  Can be used with or without lamination.
    ♦  Opaque sticker

    lift sticker

    Elevator/Lift Stickers

    ♦  Corporate branding and communicating brand messages
    ♦  Event branding during conferences and expos
    Malls, Airports, Office, residential. Hotels
    ♦  In house graphic design and installation

    escalator sticker

    Escalator stickers

    ♦  Corporate & communicating brand messages
    ♦  Event branding during conferences and expos
    ♦  In House Graphic design & installation team
    ♦  Choice of vinyl/PVC or eco friendly magnetic materials

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