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  • Colorful, Durable, Customized

    • Outdoor Stickers
    • Die Cut Stickers
    • PVC Stickers
    • Transparent Stickers
    • Elevator/Lift Stickers
    • Escalator Stickers
    • Window Decals
    • Floor Stickers

    Cheap Stickers printing in Singapore

    Gloss Paper Stickers

    • Customized stickers. Fast Printing
    • Simple and Slick
    • Budget Friendly Price
    • As Promotional Material

    Sticker Sheets

    • Multiple Stickers on one sheet
    • Made of vinyl material
    • Choice of glossy and no shine

    Stickers Label

    • Product Labels
    • Blank Labels
    • Thermal Labels
    • Labels in running serial numbers

    Embossed Stickers

    • Gold or Silver Foil Paper Material
    • Indoor use
    • For Certificates, Promotions, Wedding Invitations and Extra special events

    Transparent Stickers

    • Made of vinyl material
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to remove, leaving no messy residue
    • To stand out the background surface

    Standard Vinyl Stickers

    • Water Resistant
    • Polypropylene material
    • Matte and Glossy finishes
    • Best for Indoor use

    PVC Stickers

    • Synthetic Resin (plastic) materials
    • Thicker, Stronger and UV Resistant
    • Ideal for Outdoor use
    • Much Durable

    Die Cut Stickers

    • Cut precisely to your design
    • Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate
    • Precisely cut to the shape of your design

    Outdoor Stickers

    • Waterproof & Weather proof
    • Vinyl Material
    • 100% UV Protection Clear Gloss
    • Last for a long time

    Perforated stickers

    • Ideal use for glass panels, bus window, etc
    • This sticker provided semi coverage to your glass panel.
    • No lamination needed. Not ideal for small text.

    Floor Stickers

    • A great way to catch the attention of passer-by with your Floor graphic advertisement
    • Comes with non-slip lamination

    Super Clear Transparent Stickers

    • This transparent stick is so clear that you will not see the adhesive mark when it is paste on the glass window.
    • Selective area opaque can enhance your design.

    Bubble Free Stickers

    • Great for self-installation, with it special made of the sticker, it will not trap bubble during installation.
    • Can be used with or without lamination.
    • Opaque sticker

    Elevator/Lift Stickers

    • Corporate branding and communicating brand messages
    • Event branding during conferences and expos
    • Malls, Airports, Office, residential. Hotels
    • In house graphic design and installation

    Escalator stickers

    • Corporate branding and communicating brand messages
    • Event branding during conferences and expos
    • In House Graphic design and installation team
    • Choice of vinyl/PVC or eco friendly magnetic materials